How will your Echium grow..........

Echium World supplies second season Echium Pininana plants that may flower the following year after supply (May /June)  depending on conditions, and are ready to plant when they arrive depending on weather conditions. In the second year they will make a large crown up to one metre across of large leaves.

Echium Pininana requires minimal ground preparation.They survive in the wild in the Canary Islands in well drained barren type soil so here in the east midlands and with sandy soil they grow well in the borders.

We have good results using only multi-purpose potting compost and we never feed any echium plants.

Heavy clay soil would need much drainage and preparation and we don't recommend growing in clay. Growing in containers is a good alternative.

There is the option of growing in large pots which we find works really well. Generally, the bigger the pot the taller the Echium!

Due to the height of mature plants they will survive better in a sheltered spot protected from wind. If the plants become loose they will show signs of wilting. They will require firming at the base of the stem. This can be achieved by using the heel of your boot carefully making sure not to damage the main stem.

Echiums don't like cold and wet feet! There is a  danger of over-watering, so little and often is best  - when an Echium desperately needs water the large leave start to wilt but soon recover when watered.

All Echium need good light levels, warmth and free draining soil to flower and the above information also applies to other varieties.

Winter protection

You may need to protect Echium plants through the winter from frost, cold and wet conditions depending on your location in the UK .

We use various methods.

If left in the border a good quality fleece is best -  covering them loosely to ensure air circulation and on brighter sunny days temporarily removing so as to give them some light and air.

Another well tested method that we use is to dig them up at the end of September/ early October and grow on in bucket size pots in a cool frost free greenhouse through the winter. Make sure to dig up the large tap root and be aware that  the plant will wilt dramatically but usually recovers well. Although we use this method every year we cannot guarantee success.

We do not advise using bubble wrap or plastic covers as the plants will rot in damp conditions with no air circulation.

Check throughout the winter for mildew if protected.

In locations in the south and other specific areas that have milder climates plants may survive unprotected.

We cannot guarantee any of the above methods of plant protection will be successful.

Echium cultivation notes download here


Look out for the following on any variety of Echium plants ...........

Slugs and snails


Leaf miner  moth in some areas of the country - treat by removing affected leaves at first sign of infection (image 2 below)