National Collection holders of Echium

 specialists growers in the UK

Bee on echium pininana
Echium Pininana Snow Tower

About Us

Echiums are our passion - we want you to become passionate too! Based in the East Midlands we are specialist growers in Nottinghamshire.

Echiums are a great growing option to give your garden the wow factor and be the envy of your neighbours! Echium pininana varieties can reach over 5 metres tall and all varieties are a magnet for bees and butterflies and other important insects.

Echiums can be planted outside when there is no further risk of frost and several varieties are hardy.  

 Holders of the 'National Collection of Echium', Silver Medal exhibit winners - RHS Hampton Court & RHS Chatsworth Flower Shows

Love Echiums.....

Bees and butterflies do!

Echium Pininana - Giant Tree Echium, blue, pink & white

Wildpretii - Fastuosum -  Italicum  - Russicum

Virescens - Gentianoides - Nervosum

Simplex - Candicans -Tuberculatum

Amoenum (Red Feathers) - Onosmifolium

Webbii - Strictum - Vulgare (Vipers' Bugloss)

And more......

All plants grown in Nottinghamshire, England

Echium World plants featured on the Alan Titchmarsh Garden "From the moors to the sea" at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014.