For all Garden Show Designers, Plant Managers, Project Managers........

If you are looking to add the WOW factor to your garden design choose Echium....

The giant Echium Pininana will give you height with an amazing tower of flowers 7 - 10ft + container grown plants. Flowering time April - June

Echium shrub types prove many exotic looking flowers on a mature branching in shades of blue/purple, pink, white. Flowering time from April.

If you want bees and pollinators in your garden choose Echium. Part of the Boraginaceae family all Echium attract wildlife including, bees, moths, butterflies and the Hummingbird Hawk Moth loves feeding from Echium!

Echium World - supplier to The Natural History Museum in 2018, The Macaronesian Island Project, Echium on display in the new planters at the entrance along with other interesting plants supplied by other growers. Plants supplied for RHS Chelsea Flower Shows.

We have a good selection of mature Echium to supply for show gardens in 2019.

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